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курорт Shipkovo travel,holidays,hotels,vacation Bulgaria
област :: Lovech, travel,vacation,holidays, hotels Bulgaria

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Architecture-Historical Reserve Varosha gr.Lovech
Art Gallery Lovech,
Big Hole garvanitsa general Letnitsa-Bulgaria,
Biosphere Reserve Steneto Lovech,
Biosphere Reserve near Teteven Tsarichina-Ribarits,
Cherni Osam obsht.Troyan Museum of Natural History,
Church St. Virgin in Lovech.Bulgaria,
Covered Bridge Kolyo Ficheto in Lovech,
Devetashko plateau in the municipality Letnitsa ,
Ethnographic complex and Drasov Rashova houses ,
Ethnographic complex in Lovech.Bulgaria,
Hill Stratesh near the town Lovech.Bulgaria,
Hisarlaka near Lovech,
Hunting location near Sava Mladenov Ribaritsa ,
Karlukovo Dark Hole Cave-in Lovech,
Krushuna waterfalls general. Letnitsa obl.Lovech,
Lovech Historical Museum,
Monument Kableshkov h.Haydushka song,
Monument of Vasil Levski in Bulgaria, Lovech,
Monument to George Benkovski m.Kostina Ribaritsa,
Museum of Vasil Levski Lovech, Bulgaria,
Reserve Boatin Ribaritsa Teteven,
Saeva hole cave near gr.Yablanitsa obl.Lovech,
Srednovikovna Lovech Fortress Lovech,Bulgaria,
Stefanovo-Archaeological Reserve Old Stefanovo,
Top Ostrets Old plnaina, North-Djendem Apriltsi,
Troyan Monastery Zelenikovski Balkan.Bulgaria,
Waterfalls near Teteven m.Koznitsa.Bulgaria,
Архитектурен комплекс Нунки до Троян,
Връх Кадемлия в Страра планина-Централен Балкан,
Връх Русалка край град Арилци в Стара планина,
Връх Триглав-Централна Стара планаина до Априлци,
Геопарк Искър–Панега край град Луковит и Ловеч,
Извора на река Тъжа в централна Стара планина,
Кадемлийското пръскало в резерват северен Джендем-,
Карлуковският манастир край град Луковит,
Карстов район край град Луковит, област Ловеч,
Къща-музей на Васил Левски в с. Голям Извор,
Летнишко съкровище край град Летница област Ловеч,
Луковитско съкровище край град Луковит и Летница,
Луковитско тракийско сребърно съкровище обл. Ловеч,
Пещерите Топля и Яловица до язовир Сопот,
Резерват Козята стена в Стара планина,
Резерват Пеещи скали в централна Страра планина,
Резерват Соколна в Стара планина-Централен Балкан,
Резерват Стара река в централна Стара планина,
Скалата Купена (до Топленската пещера) яз. Сопот,
Тетевенски манастир Свети Пророк Илия град Тетевен,
Ханът на Васил Спасов край Троянски манастир Троян,
Язовир Сопот-Голяма Желязна хотел Язовира

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Bulgaria-resort Shipkovo Troyan Municipality Lovech

 Shipkovo resort spa resort is in the Municipality of Troyan, Lovech. The resort is located 20 km west of Troyan and 20 km from Ribaritsa. Located in the Balkan Vasilyovska the northern slopes of Central Stara Planina.
The village is famous for its climate and zdavoslovniya springs and attracts many visitors seeking rest and relaxation combined with the beneficial effects of mineral baths and close to beautiful nature.
The village is located in the valley of the river Razhdavets - left tributary of the Beli Osam River, in the contact zone of National Park "Central Balkan".
Shipkovo Village has a moderate continental climate - cool summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature for the region is 10 ° C. Freshness and ecologically clean nature, the unique combination of ancient beech forests and different types of coniferous trees, clear mountain streams, crystal clear air, wonderful and unique rock formations and caves and springs make healing village Shipkovo majestic and unique, ever visited a place and demand .
In the region around Shipkovo some rare tree species of great interest to all visitors of the village and resort. In the resort area has many natural attractions, tourist attractions, routes and eco-trails.

Mineral springs resort Shipkovo is a distance of 2 km from the village. Spring is a characteristic temperature around 32 ° C and flow, 4-10 l / sec and create excellent conditions for spa treatment.
Its water cure kidney, liver and stomach diseases, rheumatism, hypertension. Mineral water is very useful for people with joint and nerve diseases. The resort has an outdoor swimming pool and spa complex with a capacity of 1000 people.

Other water source is suitable for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system - a spa bath and through tangentor.

In the center of the village Shipkovo has found its place and the church "Ascension" was built in 1858, it was declared a cultural monument.

In recent years, the resort is developing further and becoming better known and visited, there are many holiday homes, private villas and hotels, as well as swimming pools and beautiful beach surrounded by refreshing nature. The clean mountain air, ancient forests and beautiful preserved nature, mild winters and cool summers create excellent opportunities for full relaxation and spa treatment.

Population: 724
Altitude. height: 701 m
Zip. Code: 5663
Tel. Code: 06966

Official site: http://shipkovo.bg

Numbers of Shipkovo City Hall: 06966 / 24-30, 23-30
Lord Mayor: Nenko Kostovski

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