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забележителност Architectural Reserve Village Lower Blagoevgrad


 Bulgaria-Architectural Reserve Village Lower Satovcha Municipality Blagoevgrad

 It is a typical alpine village (1020 m altitude, 477 g population.) Situated on the southwest Dubrashki share of the Western Rhodopes, 26 km from Gotse Delchev. Created by settlers saved from forced conversion to Islam during the sixteenth century, it was mentioned in the Turkish registers even in 1671 Revival architectural boom, preserved to this day by 70 cultural houses, makes it in 1977 " Cultural and historical reserve "Lower." There are many images taken by the Bulgarian films (Kapitan Petko Voyvoda, exam, 24 hours rain, etc.)..
The main attractions are the old church of St. Nicholas, built in 1834 in complex with a small school. On the iconostasis of the church icons were painted by George Filipov painter of Debar, who later moved and lived in Gabrovo. The church bells were cast 7 times as long to achieve the perfect sound. Chime is heard at 8 km. The most interesting as a typical Renaissance ensembles street junctions are "Cavalli", "Nikolovski fountain and charshiyskata street. It is famous in the past with its well-developed and kiradzhiystvo goldsmith.
The narrow cobblestone streets and its typical old houses, built in Renaissance style, are extremely interesting. Houses are typically built with overhanging top stories gain second and third floors and internal structure approaching Renaissance houses in other villages of the country. Some ceilings are decorated with carvings. Interesting was built in 1837 church with its wonderful carvings, made by self-taught masters.
Besides the church are monuments of art and 350 houses in the village, covered with stone (tile). Each house is unique in itself, if none of them repeat anything, even the smallest detail is different. Old people have said: "A bird does not make spring, and this applies to Lower. Each house has a strictly fixed location and type, but taken together they represent the cultural, architectural and historical backgrounds.
Archaeological studies have found lower end of an ancient settlement, settlement Late Late Antique necropolis, ancient fortress, late medieval church and deposit with the remains of Metallurgy.
Each year during the first weekend of August is held in the village council and the Ilinden area. Come and be part of this memorable meeting.

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