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забележителност Kloster der Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit Dobridolskiyat

видове туризъм:
historical, cultural

област: Montana, Bulgarien

община: Berkovitsa, Boychinovtsi, Brusartsi, Chiprovtsi, D. Damianovo, Fraktur, Jakimovo, Medkovets, Mezdra, Montana, Valchedram, Varshets


Dobridolskiyat Monastery of the Holy Trinity near the town of Vidin and Lom

Exactly when the monastery was founded as a spiritual center not known. Demolished and reconstructed several times. The "complete desolation remained until 1610, then was revived by the Rev. Pimen Zografski. Dobridolskiyat monastery was destroyed twice, once Chiprovsko suppression of uprising in 1688 and during the Russo-Turkish War of 1828 Until the last recovery initiative monk Sylvester and the money raised by Christians from near and distant villages, and consecrated on July 28, 1860, the monastery is named after St. Virgin. F. Kanitz, inspired by the beautiful area makes a detailed description of this monastery. Since 1860 has changed the patron of the monastery and then named Trinity. Today it fascinates with its picturesque location on only a small level, among the many ravines in the surrounding mestnost.Vav our religious revival church building is a rare phenomenon in its construction and architecture. Almost square, cruciform, apse and nave building with a dome of high octahedral drum it resembles the old church in Rakovitsa monastery. Plastic forming the dome drum issued its Gothic zaemki.Vatreshnostta not fresco. The temple is small iconostasis also why it has not found a place all the icons that are there in canon. Woodcarving and drawing of the icons were probably the work of Debar painters who worked decades in many temples in northwestern Bulgaria. Interest produce plastic stone relief images of people, birds and archangels along the outer western wall of the temple.

Southwest of the church has a small chapel dedicated to St. Cosmas and Damian, and newly painted, which is built in the holy spring. For him legend "During slavery, a rich Turk passed through this place in Lom kray.Toy led blind daughter. The girl washed his eyes in the healing spring and seeing. Grateful father held Christian faith and raised a chapel near the spring. "F. Kanitz describes it as" other sources is covered in a dark, similar to the chapel building. Ayazmoto Dobridolskiya in the Monastery of Holy Trinity is a filing by the International Center for Environmental Medicine .

At the entrance of the monastery was built in 1861 a large stone fountain with a means of Lom bakers guild with a caption. There is another fountain built in 1931 by eminent lomchanin Elijah Shtarbanov - educator, a participant in the conspiracy Lom from 1867-68, Chairman of the District Council after the Liberation and Lom Member.

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