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забележителност Reserve Sbarna city of Silistra

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област: Silistra, travel,vacation,holidays,hotels Bulgaria

община: Alfatar, Dulovo, Glavinitsa, Kaynardzha, Silistra, Sitovo, Tutrakan


Silver (Reserve)

Reserve Silver is located near the village of Silver, 16 km west of Silistra and 2 km south of the Danube. It includes Silver Lake and its environs. It is the main migratory route for birds migrating between Europe and Africa, called "Via Pontica". The area was declared a reserve in 1948 and is at the guarded area of approximately 600 hectares and the buffer zone of about 540 hectares.
There are several legends about the origin of the name, one for Srebrun Khan, who died in these places in unequal combat with Pechenegs. The second tells of a buried boat full of silver on the banks of the swamp. The third story that is - credible, states that the name comes from the magic picture seen at full moon evening. When the moon is high, its effect creates the illusion of molten silver.
In 1913, after signing the peace treaty of Bucharest, within the reservation along with all Southern Dobrudja, falls within Romania. In 1940 with the signing of the Treaty of Craiova (1940) Dobrudja again passes into the territory of the Bulgarian state.
The first Bulgarian interested in this place is Alex Petrov, who visited the reserve in 1911. He was fascinated by the beauty of birds and a series of planned expeditions. Alexi Petrov again visited the reservation in 1940 to examine bird colonies nesting there. In the past, the site was visited by Felix Kanitz and during her visit in 1880 and another Austrian - this is Edward Hodek. He describes his impressions in the article "House of migratory birds. The blackest page in the history of this beautiful area recorded Leo von Kalbermaten. He and his men massacred thousands of small and large herons. Fashion is then required to have a millinery feathers from these birds. Another researcher has visited Silver Otomaro Riser. He is the author of the book "Materials of the Bulgarian ornis, the second volume of the book is devoted to the Bulgarian fauna.
Silver Lake
Silver is a freshwater lake which is located near the Danube. Depth ranges from 1 to 3 meters and its area is 2 square kilometers. Often zablatyava.
In Lake and surrounded by reeds and other water plants. The reserve found 139 species of higher plants, some of them are in danger of extinction outside of Silver.
The fauna in the reserve is very diverse. There are 39 mammals, 21 reptiles and amphibians and over 20 species of fish - pike, bream, rudd, otter, cancer lake, common turtle, water vole and others.
The reserve is best known in birds, which may occur on its territory. 220 species of birds nesting in the Reserve Silver: Dalmatian pelican, cormorants, herons, deer, mute swan, greylag goose, duck, marsh harrier, Bluethroat, bearded tit and others.
In 1975 Silver was included in the Ramsar Convention for the Conservation of Wetlands of International Importance. In 1977 was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO list. In 1983 included in the list of monuments of world cultural and natural heritage sites of UNESCO.
Natural Science Museum in the biosphere reserve "Silver" has a stuffed exposure of residents of the reservation. The museum can see the birds in the reserve. Video camera is inserted into the heart of the swamp, where pelicans nest and through webcasts picture and sounds are transmitted to the display in the museum. About Eco reservation is made by a certain distance to it were built gazebos for relaxation and observation sites, where they can monitor the birds.

Silver is one hundred tourist sites, the Bulgarian Tourist Union and has a seal. The hours of the museum is: 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00 pm only during the high season from 01.05. to 01.10. without a day off. Free day to visit is Thursday.

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