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забележителност Orpheus sanctuary in s.Tatul gr.Momchilgrad

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eco, wine, historical, cultural

област: Haskovo, travel,vacation,holidays, hotels Bulgaria

община: Dimitrovgrad, Harmanli, Haskovo, Haskovo Mineral Baths, Ivaylovgrad, Madjarovo, Pet, Simeonovgrad, Stambolovo, Topolovgrad



Orpheus sanctuary in the village of Tatul

Tatul Village is located 2 km west of the village Miriovets and 15 km east of Momchilgrad. Only 200 meters from the village in the area bashyna Kaya is one of the most imposing megalithic monuments in the Bulgarian lands. For its precise dating is still questionable as to identify materials of different ages. Like Perperikon problems around Tatul proyasnenie will receive only after a serious archaeological research.
The complex consists of an ancient pagan temple and a medieval fortress. The central and highest place of the rocky peak, takes a grave orintatsiya east-west vsechen in massive rock carved like a truncated pyramid. On the south side of the magnificent rock is carved a similar tomb, located in the hemispherical recess. Niche is covered with rock-arched stone vault. Leads to the two graves carved into the rocks ceremonial staircase, consisting of eight steps. In neighboring rocks are formed religious grounds, to their feet, niches, systems of gutters and basins to collect any liquid.
More time Ivan Venedikov expressed the hypothesis that it is a sanctuary of Orpheus himself. Of course, at this stage of research, this can not be proved. But the fact is that the place described is only part of a much larger religious complex, which should be studied. North of it there are other rocks with them vdalbani trapezoidal niches and rock tombs. In the surrounding fields were discovered graves and stone sculpture from different eras, ancient and medieval writings.
Quite probably, like the Perperikon of Tatul observed complete continuity between Christianity and pagan cults. Already in the early Byzantine era (IV-VII century) in the rock fortress was built collar. Later it was expanded and refurbished several times. Now surely seen one quadrangular tower, the basement floor which served as reservoir. Another reservoir is completely carved into the rocks and is located 5 meters from the tower. It has a pear-shaped and the inside is coated with a thick layer of mortar.
In the Middle Ages and probably had a church, now destroyed completely. Found two columns and two stone relief depicts capital crosses. Medieval village itself was kept in the box under the castle and a modern village, near river. There are works in business found fragments of medieval pottery and glass jewelry. Were fixed and several necropolis of the time, whose graves are shaped in the familiar way with stone slabs. Apparently, that area around Tatul is considered sacred since ancient times until today. Future studies will determine whether indeed there was situated the famous temple of the famous musician and hero Orpheus.

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