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забележителност House-Museum Hindlian old Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Museum "Hindlian" in Plovdiv

Architectural and historical reserve Old Plovdiv 

The house of a rich merchant and Plovdiv chiflikchiya Stepan Hindlian is one of the masterpieces of Renaissance architecture in Old Town. It is a vivid example of how the old masters have dealt with the task to build impressive buildings among the narrowness and the difficult terrain of Plovdiv three hills.

Unifying center of the asymmetric central plot is building, plan to dominate perfect symmetry, enhanced by two side bays with a width almost meter.

Unlike other buildings constructed in the symmetrical Renaissance style, the entrance is recessed on the inside, which gives additional comfort to the yard. In the garden a harmonious ensemble are listed outbuildings, bathroom and Maazel. 

The ground floor of main building is united around a rectangular room with exit to three rooms, the entrance to the dressing room and bathroom with a small jetty to the street. The bathroom is very luxurious for its time with domes, arches and marble floors, heated with hot air.

Shoulder staircase leads to the lounge to the representative (hayet) on the second floor, from which you enter in two spacious rooms, one of which has windows to the gym. 

The interior of the house Hindlian astonishes with its rich design. Chirpan Moko artists and Mavrud worked half a year to decorate the rooms inside and outside with whimsical ornaments, pilasters, garlands, still lifes. Now we would call their style naïve, but today the landscape from distant cities: Alexandria, Constantinople, Venice, St. Petersburg and others. affecting its viability. 

Strikes and the ability of Renaissance masters to play with the light from numerous windows - an art lost in contemporary architecture. 

Hindliyanovata house connects to the ladder leading to the farm buildings at the top of the courtyard, another unique architectural complex in Plovdiv - Balabanov house. Both houses as an ensemble are now the center of many cultural events: concerts, art exhibitions, puppet theater and more. 

The entrance to the house is on the street Hindlian Artin Gidikov, but can enter the courtyard and situated directly on top of the Balabanov house.

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